The mindset
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Make the Grade

The mission of our growth agency is to support the growth of B2B companies through the acquisition of new customers.

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Our values

All about the DNA that makes us

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A strong team spirit 

We are a human-sized team and we wish to keep this spirit of solidarity and goodwill between us. Like a family, we preserve, challenge and value each other. An internal reality, which influences our external partners in 100% of our collaborations.

Make the Grade's team discussing in a meeting

Our leadership listens to your ambitions

In order to help ambitious B2B companies achieve advanced digital maturity, we carry out a continuous and daily monitoring. We advocate "lifelong learning", so that our talents maintain a high level of expertise. This allows us to test, iterate and validate the best web design, marketing and sales strategies.

Two growth marketer discussing in Make the Grade's office

Giving ourselves the means to turn our dreams into reality

Our recruitment process digs deep into these three dimensions: know-how, interpersonal skills and ambition. Each member of Make the Grade brings his or her stone to a building in perpetual ascent. Our teams are made up of "doers", we get our hands dirty and we take failure as a learning experience.

Developers discussing at the office

Behind each talent hides a digital enthusiast

Our team is made up of different departments: marketing, sales, web design and development. All complementary. We aim for excellence in order to satisfy our customers. For this, we do not outsource any skills and this is a real asset in our field.

HubSpot CRM platform

HubSpot France Partner

The CRM platform that is at the heart of all our strategic actions: marketing, sales and customer loyalty.

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Our team

Our talents, those who will challenge you

Our job is to master the art of empathy. The men and women who respond to your needs answer with smiles on their faces.

Photo of Antoine Ravet
Antoine Ravet
Photo of Clara Delabrosse
Clara Delabrosse
CRM & RevOps consultant
Photo of Justin Lagadec
Justin Lagadec
Photo of Robin Nouvel
Robin Nouvel
Front-end Developer
Photo of Lucy Beswick
Lucy Beswick
Growth Marketer
Photo of Renaud Dreuslin
Renaud Dreuslin
Account Executive
Photo of Simon Lagadec
Simon Lagadec
Photo of Ghislaine Oztas
Ghislaine Oztas
Office Manager
Photo of Denis Romney
Denis Romney
Growth Marketer
Photos of Marion
Marion Leffondré
Growth Marketer
Photo of Marie Giron
Marie Giron
Web designer
Photo of Clémence Plu
Clémence Plu
Photo of Andrew Bouvet
Andrew Bouvet
Front-end developer
Photo of Anaëlle Doux
Anaëlle Doux
CRM & RevOps consultant
Photo of Théo Belliard
Théo Belliard
Web designer
Photo of Claire Desrues
Claire Desrues
Social Media Manager for Port d'Attache
Photo of Thibaut Closs
Thibaut Closs
Growth marketer & traffic manager
Photo of Alan Assante
Alan Assante
Front-end developer
Photo of Olwen Gendrot
Olwen Gendrot
Web designer
Photo of Maud Callonnec
Maud Callonnec
Growth Marketer
Photo of Jimmy Duverger
Jimmy Duverger
Growth marketing consultant
Photo of Matthieu Boidin
Matthieu Boidin
Social media manager
Photo of Johnny Flament
Johnny Flament
Growth marketing & SEO consultant
Photo of William Stephan
William Stephan
Full stack developer
Photo of Nathan Delattre
Nathan Delattre
Account executive
Photo of Paul Giglio
Paul Giglio
Growth marketer
Photo of Antoine Coignac
Antoine Coignac
Front-end developer
Photo of Maeva Fruchart
Maëva Fruchart
Web designer
Photo of Youssef Oubihi
Youssef Oubihi
Administrative & accounting manager
Photo of Antoine Buard
Antoine Buard
Front-end developer
Photod of Ahmed El Khayari
Ahmed El Khayari
CRM & RevOps consultant
Photo of Mathilde ROY
Mathilde Roy
CRM & RevOps consultant
Photos of Steven Perros
Steven Perros
Growth Marketer
Photo de Caroline Bianchi
Caroline Bianchi
Account Executive


We develop and care
for our network

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B2B growth, our vision of the business

Why was Make the Grade created? What are our priority missions? These are the questions that our co-founder Simon asked himself. The objective is simple: to define in black and white the place of the company in our current society.

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Only our location is at the west

27 rue de Brizeux, 35700 Rennes, France
+33 (0)2 30 88 03 63

If we are based in Rennes, it is because this location combines a human-sized city, proximity to the sea and an international dimension. The best compromise to attract talents and offer a healthy living environment. All of this at 1h30 from Paris.

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